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Fumicom Ltd. is a leading Ukrainian fumigation company offering a broad spectrum of fumigation services.

Fumicom Ltd. was licensed to render fumigation services by the Public Health Ministry of Ukraine [ licence #049403 ] and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine [ license #323385 ].

Since 2005, we are specialized in treatment for the protection of stored cereals and by-products. Advanced techniques and high-quality products have allowed us to reach our main goal: To Provide Services and Supply Products of Excellence.

Nowadays, with over two years of experience, we are the most important company in Ukraine within our business. detailes

| Services

We provide all kinds of fumigation (decontamination) services such as:

- grain fumigation in grain elevators, silos, warehouses, carriers;
- grain and wood fumigation in transit;
- disinfection and decontamination of premises, tankage, and carriers;
- fumigation of tea, coffee, cotton, tobacco etc. detailes

| Documents
Fumigation in Ukraine is regulated by different authorities. The most important documents you can find here (mostly in Ukrainian or Russian languages). detailes
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Fumicom Ltd. is a member of GAFTA.
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Bug Catalogue
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We are proud to represent in Ukraine one of the world leading fumigant manufacturing company Bernardo Quimica SA and it's product Phostek.
Pest control services the destruction of cockroaches  
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